sul taewonProfessor MacDonald puts his utmost effort into constructing his classes to be immersive and interactive. His students are expected to commit themselves fully and push their limits. But at the end of the semester, it all pays off. He also allocates much time for meetings with students, helping them with their essays or assignments whenever possible.

Sul Taehwan

kim yewonI took Professor MacDonald’s courses from 2011 in the Department of English Language and Literature at Dankook University. The courses were not just about memorizing vocabulary and grammar but also about expressing opinions and ideas in English, which most students thought was practical.

One of his best methods of teaching was making us learn from classmates through editing each other’s work. He would not just correct our work, but through peer editing sessions he would strengthen students’ English skills by having us learn from our own

Recently, I applied for an internship in the US, and Professor’s courses have been great assets in applying for my internship abroad. He was many students’ favorite professor, and it has been my honor to be one of his students.

Kim Yewon


testimonial two paper

First Annual Dankook University TESOL Symposium, “Functions of Metadiscourse in Academic Texts.”